work out, earn points, play games !

Atari Fit is a feature rich fitness app that motivates users to work out individually or in collaboration with friends, while earning points to unlock classic Atari® games, including Pong®, Super Breakout®, Centipede®, and more!

Now available!

150 exercise routines and custom programs!

Get yourself fit, stronger and healthier with full-body circuit workouts, running programs, and conditioning routines.



    Custom exercise programs by Michael Porter, certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

  • Gamified Workouts

    Users are motivated and challenged with over 150 exercise routines or custom programs while tracking distance, speed, pace and calories burned.

  • Multiplayer

    Exercise individually, or with friends all over the world at any time. Join a team, workout or race against each other, and track activity statistics for group encouragement.

  • Online Leaderboards

    For the first time ever, Atari games included in the app will highlight leaderboards where users can rank their skills against other players from around the globe.

Work out alone,join a team, or challenge your friends

Track activity statistics for group encouragement to become the fittest team of gamers worldwide.



Fitness and gaming unite in one powerful app.  Working out has never been this fun!

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Photo: Tami Freed